Pablo Rodriguez DMD

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Pablo Rodriguez, DDS
Dr. Pablo Rodriguez DMD

Pablo Rodriguez, DDS, is an experienced dentist with the team at Gables Family Dental in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida. Dr. Rodriguez focuses on a comprehensive approach to treatment and aims to deliver excellent and consistent oral health outcomes.

Dr. Rodriguez was born in Miami, Florida, to Cuban parents. He attended Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in Miami and went on to pursue his undergraduate studies at the University of Miami. After graduating with his bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry, Dr. Rodriguez moved to New York City to pursue his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

After graduating from dental school, Pablo completed his general practice residency by working at Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine in New York City.

When he is not caring for patients, Dr. Rodriguez is passionate about freediving and NBA basketball, as well as spending time with his family and friends.