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Thanks to dental bridges, it’s possible to fill a gap in your smile caused by a missing or extracted tooth. At Gables Family Dental, the team of experienced dentists regularly uses bridges to restore smiles and encourage optimal oral hygiene. To make an appointment at the practice in Miami or Coral Gables, Florida, call the nearest office today, or book online.

Bridges Q & A

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a custom prosthetic that “bridges” a gap in your smile caused by a missing tooth. By filling the gap in your smile, you can reduce the risk of more serious issues like shifting teeth, gum recession, and bone loss.

What are the types of bridges?

At Gables Family Dental, the team offers several types of bridges, including:


A traditional bridge has an artificial tooth and two crowns. Your dentist prevents the bridge from moving by bonding the crowns to your teeth on either side of the gap.


If you’re missing two or more teeth in a row, the team might recommend a cantilever bridge. A cantilever bridge is held in place with a single crown instead of two.


A Maryland bridge is bonded to your teeth with a metal framework instead of two dental crowns.


An implant-supported bridge connects to dental implants. Of all the bridge types, implant-supported bridges are the toughest and longest-lasting.

What does getting a bridge involve?

At Gables Family Dental, getting a bridge takes two visits a week or two apart.

First bridges visit

If the team determines you can benefit from a dental bridge, they take digital scans of your mouth.  Afterward, they send your scans to a dental facility that uses them to design and manufacture a custom dental bridge.

Second bridges visit

When the dental facility completes your bridge, you return to Gables Family Dental. Your provider lines up the bridge, bonds it in place, and polishes it. 

Do bridges last a long time?

Dental bridges often last 12-15* years, but it’s possible to extend their use. Gables Family Dental recommends:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily
  • Flossing your teeth before going to bed
  • Avoiding bad habits like chewing on pen caps or opening packaging with your teeth
  • Protecting your bridge with a mouthguard if you play contact sports

It’s also important to visit Gables Family Dental at least once every six months for an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning.

To see if you’re a candidate for dental bridges, make an appointment at Gables Family Dental by calling the nearest office today or scheduling online.

*Individual results may vary.