Dr Tobon es excelente, se toma su tiempo y es paciente. Muchas gracias!

Alejandra B.
I appreciate the fact that your clínic and you were able to see me in an emergency situation. Your honesty and expertise put my fears at ease and in less than 2 hours my problem was resolved. Thank you

Haylin F.
That's wonderful feedback! Here's a refined version: --- As a loyal customer or over 12 years, I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction with the service provided to myself and my family at your dentistry. The convenience of Saturday appointments for both myself and my children has been immensely helpful. Moreover, the consistent attention and care we receive from your team are truly commendable. I particularly appreciate how smoothly my toddler's first dental visit went. The staff's ability to interact with him made his first cleaning experience easy and enjoyable. It's reassuring to have the same dentist and assistant for each visit, which adds a personal touch to the experience. Thank you for the excellent service and for making dental care a positive experience for my family. We look forward to the continuance of our appointments with your practice.

Maritza L.
She’s great

Zuzette H.
Dr. Rodriguez is exceptional, he's a true professional!

Claudette C.
Dr. Tobon is a very professional, competent, and experienced medical professional. He makes patients feel at ease, always with a smile, and delivers first-class dental services.

Mauricio P.
I am not from Florida. I moved here two years ago and was nervous while looking for a new dentist. I gave Dr. Pablo Rodriquez and his team a chance to take care of me. Overall, coming to Dr. Rodriquez office has been a great experience. I have gone in for regular cleanings, cavity fillings, and recently they removed my wisdom teeth. I would recommend for everyone to visit Dr. Rodriquez. He is very transparent and recommends what he thinks is best for his patient. This is my new HOME dentist and I love it.

Haris B.
I can't thank you and Kelly enough for the special, excellent care you have provided and for the unique gift you are to your patients.I am blessed that you are my doc!

Roody W.
Dr. Rodriguez is one of the best dentists I come across. He took the the time to inform me about my procedure with before and after images. He is very patient and understanding. I seen dentists in Colorado and Texas, but no one has ever taken the time to explain to me step by step on the work that is being performed. His work and talent is much appreciated by a patient like me.

Esfana F.